A Brief History of Uromi

Uromi is an acreage city located in north-eastern Esan, a sub-ethnic group of the [Binis] in Edo state, Nigeria. At various points in Uromi's history, the city and people have been an important part of the Benin Empire.

In early Uromi was known as 'Uronmun'. Uronmun was the largest and most populated area in Esanland, settled by two waves of people. The first wave consisted of migrants from Benin and other outlying areas between 900 and 1400 AD. These early settlers formed a loose-knit community engaged mostly around farming and hunting, and did not develop any stylized form of government; associations were instead based on kinship and occupation. Many of these early Bini settlers were fugitives fleeing persecution from the harsh rule of the [OGISOs] of Benin, and were wary of monarchical government.

The second wave of organized mass emigration from Bini was around 1460, during the reign of Oba Ewuare the Selfish. His attempt to stop the emigration of BINIS to the present-day ESANLAND was the moat he built around the city. Most of these immigrants during this wave were from IDUMOZA of BINI City.

At about the same time as this second wave of migration, Oba Ewuare sent his son to found a kingdom of his own. This son was the product of a liaison with a Portuguese woman. Although the boy was Oba Ewuare's first-born son he was kept away from public view because he was half-caste; Ewuare could not marry the Portuguese mother and the half-caste boy could not be introduced as heir to the throne. When the boy came of age he was sent, with a retinue of attendants and an armed guard, to found a kingdom of his own. Upon reaching the settlement of Uronmun he was welcomed as a god-send. The people there had never seen a half-caste before and his retinue of attendants gave indication of his regal ancestry. He was accepted as the first [Onojie] king of what had now become a sizeable settlement. Attendants were sent back to Oba Ewuare to inform him that his son had founded a kingdom at Uronmun and Ewuare sent them back with the message that the new king should bear the title IJESAN (the king of Esan). The name has over time been more usually written as ICHESAN.

Uromi is a connurbation of villages divided into three groups recognized as: OKHIODE, OBIRUAN and OBIYUAN.
The villages of OKHIODE

Consist of:

uje oror

The villages of OBIRUAN

Consist of:


The villages of OBIYUAN

Consist of: